What Season is Best for Selling Your Home in El Dorado County

What Season is Best for Selling Your Home in El Dorado County

  • Kristin Haus Realtor
  • 01/2/23

It’s no secret that spring has been considered the best time of the year for selling a home. Across the entire country, the first two weeks of May have been  continually the most successful times for home sellers and homebuyers landing their dream homes. The weather is warm, the days are getting longer, landscapes are thriving, and it isn’t too hot outside. Keep in mind this timeline can be off in times of low inventory now could be the best time to sell. In the last 3 years we have seen the highest prices fetched in Febuary, thats food for thought. Consult Kristen today for the right time.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into El Dorado County real estate to sell your home, or if you’re searching for houses for sale in El Dorado County, then this helpful guide can ensure you buy or sell your home at the right time. 

Kristen Haus knows that timing is everything when it comes to being successful in the real estate market. Whether you’re looking to sell your current home or buy a new one, you can rely on Kristen Haus to provide expert guidance and advice on everything you need to know about El Dorado County real estate.

Selling Your Home in Spring

While the ideal time for selling your home can vary depending on your goals, the real estate market at the time, and the location of your home, spring is widely considered the best time to sell a home. More specifically, the first two weeks of May are ideal. That’s often true for El Dorado County.

You can realistically hope to sell your home faster and for more money during the period between April and June, but keep in mind there are always pros and cons to selling during this time. Here are some pros and cons to consider if you’re thinking of selling your home in spring: 

Pros of Selling a Home in Spring

  • Enhanced curb appeal. During the spring, all the trees are filled with leaves, the flowers are blooming, and the grass is filling in. This helps improve your home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Beat the summer competition. A lot of homeowners list their properties for sale in the summer, so when you sell in the spring, you can skip this rush.
  • Tax refunds. It’s normal to get a tax refund in the springtime, which provides more money for repairs, allowing you to get your home ready for sale. It also means potential buyers have some extra cash they might be looking to spend.

  • Warm weather and long days. When the weather gets warm and the days lengthen, more people are out and about looking for homes they might want to buy. 

Cons of Selling a Home in Spring

  • Weather. Spring can be a rainy, muddy season, so while the weather can work in your favor, it can also work against you sometimes and mess up open house schedules.

  • Fierce competition. Since spring is such a great time for selling homes, you may have a hard time selling yours during this season if you haven’t done the work to make your listing perfect. If other homes are nicer and more updated than yours, you may have a difficult time selling.

  • Complicated schedules. If you have kids in school, selling your home in the springtime can be challenging. Moving during the school season is complicated and can make your home sale unreasonably difficult, especially if your home sells quickly.

  • Neighbors may have big events. Everyone wants to get outside in the spring, and it’s also the season of graduations. Your neighbors could be taking on big renovation projects this time of year or hosting their spring events, which could make open houses and private showings more difficult for you. 

  • Waiting until spring. With waiting, you may miss out on low inventory, higher pricing opportunities. 

Selling Your Home in Summer

Summer is another incredibly popular time of year to sell a home. Late June is towards the top of the leaderboards in terms of home closings, with June 28th being the most likely day of the year that a home will close. If you can’t get your home ready to sell in spring, don’t feel as though you need to wait a full year. Get it ready to sell during the summer, and you may find great success.

Keep in mind there are some drawbacks to selling a home in summer. Here are the pros and cons of selling your home this season:

Pros of Selling a Home in Summer

  • Flexible timing. Summer is often a casual, laid-back season of the year. School is out, and a lot of families are going on vacation. There is more time after work to relax and enjoy the sunlight—or to go on private showings and home tours.

  • Sense of urgency. Summer is the season with a deadline. There’s a clear end where the kids go back to school, and life resumes as normal. Buyers may have a sense of urgency to close on a home in time to move in and settle down before school starts up again.

  • More daylight. The summer months are full of sunshine. There is more light in the morning and evening, meaning buyers have more time to get to showings.

Cons of Selling a Home in Summer

  • Lots of competition. Summer can be an incredibly competitive time of year to sell a home, especially as the season becomes increasingly popular for home sales. Buyers may have more demands and come with contingencies in their offers.

  • Weather. The summer in El Dorado County can get hot, which isn’t ideal for house hunting, viewing homes, or attending open houses.

  • Buyers would rather be on vacation. Summer is the ideal vacation time for a lot of homebuyers which simply means they aren’t available for showings and open houses.

  • Higher costs to showings. You may experience a spike in your bills since you have to boost the AC and constantly maintain your yard throughout the summer months, so you’re always prepared for a showing.

  • Real estate agents are swamped. Since this is such a competitive time for selling homes, you may have a difficult time finding a real estate agent who’s ready to take on your listing.

Selling Your Home in Fall

Fall is often considered a less than ideal time to sell a home, but if you live in El Dorado County, don’t fret. November is a great time of the year for your home to sell, and you might even be able to get more for your home than during the other months. Keep in mind that homes tend to take about three months to close, so you’ll need to list your home in August to sell in November, but you can still find success in the real estate market when you list in the fall.

While the weather may not be as sunny and beautiful as the spring and summer, you don’t have to entirely give up hope on selling your home in the fall. There are a lot of advantages — as well as disadvantages — to selling your home in the fall. Here are some to consider:

Pros of Selling a Home in Fall

  • Low inventory. During the fall, your competition with other homes is much lower due to the typical low inventory. Fall isn’t a popular time for selling a home, so you may find success just by being available when there aren’t a lot of other options.

  • Repair and renovations costs are lower. If you have any work you need to get done on your home to get it ready for sale, fall is a great time to do so due to lower costs on materials and service professionals.

  • Take advantage of the changing season. Fall foliage is stunning and can make for some breathtaking photos to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Schedule your professional listing photos during the peak of the fall foliage color change for vivid advertising materials.

Cons of Selling a Home in Fall

  • Rising heating costs. You’ll need to keep your home warm and comfortable for open houses and private showings, which might cause a spike in your utility bill.

  • Landscaping is difficult. It’s harder to maintain your yard and keep it welcoming and appealing as leaves and branches fall, and all the lovely foliage shrinks. This can damage your home’s curb appeal towards the end of the fall.

  • Colder weather. Fall can be a cold, wet season which means fewer buyers are looking to drive around to open houses and showings.

Selling Your Home in Winter

The cold, miserable weather of winter makes this the hardest season of the year to sell a home. No one wants to leave their home, let alone tromp through the wet, damp cold to go look at houses. Like any other season, there are pros and cons to selling a home during the winter season. Consider these below:

Pros of Selling a Home in Winter

  • Real estate agents are looking for year-end sales.
  • Some highly-motivated buyers may be looking to buy a home before the year ends to take advantage of tax breaks.
  • Less inventory means less competition.
  • Increased net price- over the last few years.
  • Serious home shoppers.

Cons of Selling a Home in Winter

  • Fewer interested buyers. Expect to see more “thrift shop” buyers who are looking to find a good deal or get an idea of what they want in the spring.
  • Unfortunate curb appeal.
  • Short, cold days.
  • Little buzz in the real estate market in general, many are busy with Holidays.

Listing houses for sale in El Dorado County

If you’re looking to enter the El Dorado County real estate market, reach out to Kristen Haus for professional guidance and advice. While spring is arguably the best time of year to sell your home in El Dorado County, there are pros and cons to selling during any season. Kristen Haus can help you navigate the real estate market and get your home ready for sale.

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