Why You Need a Listing Page When Selling Your Home

Why You Need a Listing Page When Selling Your Home

  • Kristen Haus Realtor
  • 02/14/23

It’s inevitable nowadays that, if you’re going to sell a home, you’ll need a high-quality listing page, mostly because so many buyers are searching for homes online. If buyers in Placer County are browsing your realtor’s website or a local listing platform, you don’t want them to miss your property. 

If you’re on the fence about selling your Placer County real estate, it’s a good time to consider doing so. Homes for sale in Placer County have appreciated by 6.5% in the past year, and median home prices are currently at just under $720,000. Demand for homes in the area is fairly robust, with homes only staying on the market for an average of 12 days. In order to make the most out of your sale, you’ll need to partner with an experienced realtor who knows how to market your home effectively. By putting together a professional listing page, you give your property its best chance of bringing in a top price.

Online listings are a buyer’s first stop

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Unsurprisingly, the majority of home buyers start their search online. Recent surveys on buyer trends showed that, in fact, 90% of buyers use online listings to find available homes, which means it’s unlikely that buyers will walk or drive around in search of property for sale in Placer County. Instead, they’ll hunt for listings on real estate websites and multiple listing services. It’s not uncommon for buyers to do so even before they hire a realtor. It’s a great way to see what’s on the market and where prices are at. Plus, an added benefit of buyers being able to search for homes online is that sellers aren’t limited to getting interest only from locals. Buyers from across the country, even the world, can find their listing. So keep in mind that the ultimate value of having a listing page is that it gets your home in front of buyers. If you put together a well-crafted listing page, you’ll be far more likely to have the sale you’re hoping for.

Listing pages will reach more buyers

It’s true that, if you use a listing page, your property for sale in Placer County will reach more buyers. Why? Simply put, online listing pages go further than other marketing means. Even if you use physical products to promote your home or lean on word of mouth and networking, you won’t reach nearly as many people as you would if you had your home listed online. Once your listing page is live, buyers from all over can find it no matter the time or place. While you and your real estate team are sleeping in California and unable to continue promoting your home, a buyer in Florida could be reading through your listing over their morning cup of coffee. This is the power of search engine optimization (SEO), which uses keywords and phrases that buyers are typing into their search engine to link those buyers to your listing page. With the added reach of an online listing page, you’ll connect with a much higher number of buyers than you would otherwise.

Listing pages feature photos of your home

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Listing pages also give you a place to put high-quality photos of your home. It’s been shown that homes that put professional photography on their listing pages can sell 32% faster than those that don’t. They also tend to sell for more money, too. The main reason you want to include photos of your home online is so that buyers can get a sneak peek of what your property is like. Though descriptions can be helpful, buyers tend to trust what they can see more than what they read. Thus, it’s imperative that you partner with a professional photographer who has experience in real estate. They’ll have the equipment and expertise required to capture your home from its best angles and in the proper lighting.

Alongside photography, home staging can be another great service to invest in when you’re selling your home in Placer County. Before you take photos of your home, invite a professional stager to come in and get it ready. Home staging, which presents your home in a put together yet neutral way, allows buyers to picture themselves at home in the space. When you remove personal items and mementos from each room, buyers will have more of an opportunity to imagine the property as their own, both through photos and when they arrive at a viewing.

You can include descriptions of your property

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In addition to photography, a strongly written description is an added bonus of using an online listing page. Some aspects of your home will be harder to capture in photos. Interested buyers won’t be able to tell how many square feet your home has or how close it is to local schools, restaurants, or parks. The key with writing an effective description is not to oversell what your home has to offer. You want to work with a professional who can highlight your home’s best features without setting your buyer up for disappointment when they arrive to view the property.

Listing pages connect buyers to your agent

The final reason why you need to use an online listing page when you sell your home is because it will connect buyers directly to your realtor. That could be because your property is featured on your realtor’s website or because they’re included on the listing page as the person to contact. Ultimately, your listing page will make it incredibly easy for buyers to find out more information about your home, attend a viewing, or put in an offer. 

If you want to list your property for sale in Placer County, work with an agent who understands the ins and outs of successful real estate marketing. Realtor Kristen Haus of the Haus Homes Realty Group is an expert at navigating the market in and around Placer County. From advising clients on home renovations that will boost their property’s value to helping them secure the fastest sale possible, Kristen is a dedicated advocate for each of her clients. When you’re ready to market your home, reach out to Kristen Haus.

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